Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Few Odds and Ends Photos for Polyvore...

Some odds and ends I have collected over the past few days (months)... :)

Milly Grace Clover Leaf Lace Dress from her Fall 2008 collection.

Fossil Bamboo Watch that I had bought, then got repaired, then promptly lost, and now have had to re-buy off ebay. Sigh. :)

I like this image of the Galaxy ribbon and chain necklace in antique stone that I purchased back in August. It is a great necklace and I like the way the styled it with her outfit!

INC dress that I bought, but because Macy's doesn't allow Polyvore to clip images from its site, I have to always go to another site, like Shopstyle, then copy the image into my photos folder, and then upload it to this blog. It is a hassle, for sure!

Had bought this cardigan in black at Well it came damaged. Ergh. Then I saw this one on ebay, and I asked the lady selling it if there were any snags, she said "no," I bought it, got it, and she was was pristine. Good ebay sellers are the BEST!

Milly dress from early 2007 (may be from her 2006 line) that I bought right after Rex was was the PERFECT postpartum dress (stretchy and lovely and that pattern is very good at hiding imperfections), but I am ready to move I will be selling this tomorrow at my Cash from My Closet site. At least I get to memorialize its awesomeness here! :)

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